Opioid Awareness



Medication therapy is certainly an important component of pain management. While we strive to use multi modal treatment plans for all patients, our practice providers acknowledge not all patient situations are equal. Therefore, Dr. Patel and/or his staff of providers will tailor a specific medication regimen if appropriate based on a thorough review of your medical record.

Ankur B. Patel, D.O., RPH

Conservative, Safe
And Effective Treatment

Due to inherent risks such as addiction, suicidal ideation, overdose, etc. opioid medications are not the first line of treatment and/or appropriate for many patients. Your provider will determine a conservative, safe and effective treatment.

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Protecting Our Patients

If it is determined you need a prescription opioid medication, you will be required to read and sign an Opioid Agreement. This contract explains all aspects of your treatment plan including regular urine/blood drug screening and scheduled follow-up visits. Non-compliance will result in termination of the doctor-patient relationship.



All requirements of this practice are in keeping with rules, regulations, and guidelines as approved and required by the Georgia Composite Medical Board and Centers for Disease Control. The government places strict guidelines on opioid prescribing.

Southern Pain and Spine takes compliance with all federal and state laws seriously and will follow all governmental regulations without prejudice.

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