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For a copy of your medical records:

Please click the link below to submit a medical records request; Do NOT submit your request in person. 

Click Here to Request Medical Records(opens in a new tab)

To Complete a Disability/FMLA Form:
  • Please click the link below to begin the disability/FMLA form process; Please DO NOT bring forms to the practice to turn in. 
  • Make sure to have your disability or FMLA form with you BEFORE logging in! (You should have received these forms from your disability carrier or employer). No forms are provided on this link.
  • Normal turnaround time to receive your completed form is 5 business days. There is an additional fee for expedited requests.
  • You will be asked for payment on this page as well. The cost is $30 per form, $15 for an updated form and $50 for an expedited request (guaranteed 3 day turnaround).
  • FMLA and Disability forms cannot be completed on the same request. These forms must be submitted separately.
  • For any further questions, please contact us at (470) 944-9906 or

Click Here to Upload & Process Your FMLA or Disability Form(opens in a new tab)