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Workers’ Compensation Doctors in Atlanta

Work-Related Injuries

Pain from a work injury can result in lost workdays and expensive and lengthy treatments. Often times, this adds stress to the lives of injured workers when they should be focusing on one thing: finding relief, feeling better, and healing from their injury.

The team at Southern Pain and Spine in Athens, Gainesville, Jasper, Newnan, and Sandy Springs, Georgia specialize in interventional pain management, focusing on restoring function through rehabilitation. Our physicians provide comprehensive care that aims to help injured workers get back to their job as quickly and safely as possible. Whether you're an injured worker or an employer looking to provide the best possible care for your employees, Southern Pain and Spine is here to help.

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Workers’ Compensation Treatment & Rehabilitation

Southern Pain and Spine provides comprehensive care for all types of pain conditions. 

Common pain conditions we treat include:

  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

We provide:

  • Direct access to physicians and staff
  • Communication of findings and progress
  • Documentation of work status
  • Permanent partial impairment (PPI) ratings
  • Maximum medical improvement (MMI) ratings
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) and Second Opinions
  • Utilization and record reviews
  • Referrals to other specialists
  • Routine drug screening

If you or your employee is suffering from pain because of a work injury, the team at Southern Pain and Spine can help.

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Linda Lee, CWCP

Director of Workers' Compensation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that covers medical costs and wages for employees who get injured at work. Not all health providers care for workers’ compensation patients. 

When you or your employee gets injured at work, you may not be able to get medical care from your primary care provider. Depending on your injury, you may need specialized care to manage your condition.

Are there doctors who accept workers’ compensation near me?

Yes! Southern Pain and Spine is a pain management practice that provides comprehensive care for injured workers, and we proudly accept workers’ compensation. If you’re unsure how to proceed with your workers’ compensation claim, our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help.

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