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Physical medicine treatments can help speed up your body’s natural healing process and restore your mobility. At Southern Pain and Spine in Gainesville, Georgia, Ankur Patel, DO, RPH, and the team provide comprehensive physical medicine services. They aim to find and treat the root cause of your pain and improve your quality of life using a variety of methods, including exercises and electrical stimulation. Call the office or schedule a consultation online today.

Physical Medicine Q&A

What is physical medicine?

Physical medicine combines stretches, strengthening exercises, and activity modifications to relieve pain, encourage mobility, and promote healing following an injury, illness, or surgery. By working with a physical medicine specialist, you can reduce the risk of complications and get back to your normal routine more quickly.

At Southern Pain and Spine, the providers boast years of experience developing custom treatment plans. If you regularly experience pain, and it interferes with your ability to work or exercise, don’t wait to make an appointment.

What are the benefits of physical medicine?

Enrolling in physical medicine treatments at Southern Pain and Spine offers various benefits, including:

  • Pain management
  • Reduced need for pain medication
  • Improved mobility
  • Fall prevention
  • Recovery from injury or trauma
  • Improved balance
  • Management of age-related medical conditions

Physical medicine treatments may also reduce your risk of being reinjured and sustaining even greater damage. 

The pain management specialists at Southern Pain and Spine are highly experienced and will guide you through stretching and strengthening exercises designed to relieve pain and prevent it from returning.

What can physical medicine treat?

Physical medicine can aid in recovering from a wide range of pain and conditions, including:

  • Neck pain 
  • Back pain
  • Spine pain
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains and strains 
  • Fractures
  • Pelvic pain
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Arthritis 

Physical medicine is effective in rehabilitating athletes, individuals who’ve been injured in car accidents, and people who are suffering from chronic illness or recovering from surgery. 

What does physical medicine involve?

At Southern Pain and Spine, no two treatment programs are exactly alike. Your provider makes recommendations based on several factors, including your age, medical history, and the issues affecting your mobility or quality of life.

Following a physical exam, a review of your health history, and a discussion of your symptoms, your provider develops a treatment regimen that combines routine checkups, at-home exercises, and activity modification to ease pain, reduce inflammation, and encourage healing.

How long will I need to participate in physical medicine treatments?

The length of time you need to participate in physical medicine treatments depends on the severity of your symptoms and their effect on your daily life. If your symptoms persist or get worse, you might need to participate for longer. 

To see if you can benefit from physical medicine, make an appointment at Southern Pain and Spine by calling the office or requesting a referral online today.