Sandeep Vaid, MD

Interventional Pain Management & Neurology located in Fayetteville, GA & Newnan, GA

About Dr. Vaid

Sandeep Vaid, MD is a Neurologist with a diverse background. He is Board Certified in Neurology, Pain Medicine, and Brain Injury Medicine. While he began his training as an Athletic Trainer, he later decided to attend medical school where he completed a Neurology Residency at New York Medical College and New Jersey Neuroscience Institute. He went on to complete a Pain Medicine Fellowship at Georgia Pain Physicians, formerly affiliated with Emory Physical Medicine and Rehab Residency Program. Dr. Vaid is one of only a handful of neurologists around the country who are trained in the art and science of Interventional Pain Medicine. His practice emphasis is on treating various headaches and craniofacial, spinal, musculoskeletal and chronic pain through conservative management and, when necessary, through interventional pain procedures.

Dr. Vaid also serves as the Medical Director of Clinical Research for Horizon Clinical Research. With over eight years of clinical research experience, he furthered his training by attending Harvard Medical School. He graduated from the Global Scholar Research Training Program with distinction. Dr. Vaid conducts various clinical research trials focused on new investigational drugs and medical devices. Along with a team of highly qualified physicians, Dr. Tate and Dr. Patel, and the Director of Clinical Research Operations, Debra Helton, CCRC, Horizon Clinical Research is bringing cutting edge treatments to the community and advancing clinical medicine.


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